Open on the Mir Space Station. 

We see an American astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut inside 

Outside the window, the sun is lighting up the moon.
The American talks into the microphone.
ASTRONAUT: Houston, we have visual contact with the Sea of Tranquility.

CHIEF: We copy that, Mir. Can you describe it? 

ASTRONAUT: Brinkety, yumbobby crackle dot.  

CHIEF: Mir, are you eating Butterfingers? 

Cut to Mir. The astro/cosmonauts are holding Butterfingers. ASTRONAUT: Sim biddely quop.  

ANNCR VO: The inside of a Butterfinger is so indescribably unique, the closest we’ve got is crispery, crunchety, peanut buttery. SUPER: Indescribably delicious.
ANNCR VO: Butterfinger. Son ditz bisbitty la squink.  

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