Pencils frames: 2.5" x 4.5"; Finish: medium; Speed: 3 frames per hour

The acrobatic motions of User Interfaces (UIs) can lead to some dazzling displays. Before any visual marvels can be filmed, however, they must be sketched out. Proceeding from these storyboards, Westernized Productions went on to create videos that showed with panache the whirl and whizz of Cisco Eos' subpages, drop-downs and insets.

Cisco Eos for the Web Developer: Todd
As a web developer, Tod is delighted he can thrill his audiences using Cisco Eos.

We knew that the audience was posting a lot of stuff on their own websites. Huge traffic. Terrific, right?

You got to be kidding. Think of the building, the testing, the pulling, the maintenance—

Obviously, we needed a way to handle all of that work.

We found Cisco Eos. With Eos, I'm in control of the information architecture.

With Eos, I can thrill our audience and create something I can be proud of. My boss is happy, her boss is happy. And me?

I'm still king of the world!

Cisco Eos for the Brand Manager: Allison
Allison, Brand Manager, is excited that Cisco Eos is transforming the way she works.

My team is free to create great content.

Customers are satisfied and my CFO is happy.

Blah, blah, blah. [NEED COPY HERE]

Cisco Eos for the Chief Digital Officer: Jack
Jack, Chief Digital Officer, tells how Cisco Eos has helped him turn "digital" into a sustainable business.

As a business, we see all these assets as revenue opportunities.

and generate new revenue from our fans.

In the past, we had to use a lot of tools to patch the pieces together and

We were building an expensive monster each time.

What we needed was a viable digital strategy which would allow us to cost effectively do what we needed to: launch unique new websites.

We found our solution in Cisco Eos.

It gives us the social networking side—to produce our audiences a real "community" experience;

And we're collectiing data about our audience so we can target them more effectively,

And keep them coming back.

You can view the final videos at the following links: