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San Francisco storyboard artist Marco Aidala has been drawing storyboards for over 20 years. His clients have been not only advertising agencies from San Francisco, but Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and also San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles film studios, manufacturers, government agencies, game designers and web developers. Marco has a line of storyboard specialties to suit your every need.

Do you want to emphasize the layout and action? Marco can quickly pencil out loose, thumbnail shooting boards that emphasize movement, staging and camera angles. You can provide stick-figure layouts or even a mere written synopsis and Marco's storyboards will flesh out the rest. Marco has taught Perspective at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and knows all the angles. Marco's storyboards can do tricks with light and shadow, all drawn in proper perspective.

If your focus is on character, Marco is an ace at capturing likenesses. He will caricature existing spokesmen or give life to any new one that you may dream up. Dandies and dudes, elves and neanderthals,preppies and palookas, pugs and Poindexters come to life. Body language and expressive acting may also be hammed up for comedy or played down for solemnity as you require.

To produce illustrative, polished comps and storyboards, Marco can move from pencils to inks and colors. Such storyboards create a mood and a glow and, used in client presentations, help generate support for the creative idea. A jaunty, playful line creates the impression of active, speaking individuals, while lively colors orchestrate the mood. Marco's illustrations and cartoons for advertisement, films and posters are humorous.

Color, indeed, sets Marco apart as a storyboard artist. Other storyboard drawers' colors are bland and washed-out . Marco's color combinations are rich. Luscious colors go a long way in filling a client with a sense of well-being. They set the mood. golden tones infuse family breakfast scenes with warmth and intimacy. Blue reflections makes arctic ice floes cold and shivery. Tropical greens and reds add excitement. Whether Marco's line-drawings have the verve of cartooning or the authority of photo-realism, his color palette will always be vivid. Marco knows how

Storyboards are storytelling, and storytelling is communication. Storyboards sell the client on the idea and allow changes to be made at the planning stage. Shooting boards show the director's intentions shot by shot, with arrows added to show movement. A storyboard, whether used in pitches to a client or as instructions to a cinematographer, is designed to save time and money. Illustrations are visual representations to elucidate sensual information for a story or concept.